Monday, December 19, 2011

Wanita Kasian: Make Up For Your Wedding Day

Wanita Kasian: Make Up For Your Wedding Day more importantly you have the best performance on a given day than on another day, and no day is more important than your wedding day.

This is the only day (hopefully) where you are guaranteed to be the star of the show, this is the day where all your friends and family will see you at the same time.

This is the day that you commit to spending the rest of the time in your life with someone you love. Wanita Kasian: Make Up For Your Wedding Day must have the best appearance more than others, so to help you, we give some best tips for you to look beautiful on your pernikahakan ..

  • Long before the big day, you should perform skin and nail care. remember, takes beautiful, smooth skin and beautiful nails can not be produced in a day.
  • Avoid sunlight
  • Provide a lot of time in the morning before the wedding for makeup
  • If possible, do the experiment make up and hair styling one or two months earlier
  • Your very special wedding, so do not be afraid to use extreme makeup that is beyond the normal limit your makeup
  • As much as possible avoid the black lines around the eyes or lips
  • Make up the Classical use of the make-up which is the latest trend
  • Ask your mom to bring some makeup equipment, to anticipate the circumstances when you need to do make up amid your wedding.

Wanita Belang: Hair Care With Good

For a woman, hair is one of the greatest assets.Wanita Belang: Hair Care With Good can do a lot with what's above your head, and there are many products that can help you do that.

Wanita Belang: Hair Care With Good important to remember that hair is part of life and is part of our breath. Hair is not immune to damage and hair certainly will not last forever. too many changes seberti painting, bonding and changes in hair style can give effect to that horrible for your hair.

In many cases women end up having only a thin and rigid ramput. So treat your hair well, do not use too many hair products and do not like to change your hair style.

Wanita Belang: Sleep for Beauty

Wanita Belang: Sleep for Beauty  is a time where part of the body and the skin we are working to repair injuries that occurred when we indulge in that day. Wanita Belang: Sleep for Beauty when you are unconscious and are enjoying a break in your bed, your body is working hard to rebuild, replenish and rejuvenate your skin and hair.

Wanita Belang: Sleep for Beauty on average each person takes eight hours to sleep.It's important for us to pursue a deep sleep because when we are asleep, our bodies can both fill power very well.

Sleep for Beautyif you are having trouble getting quality sleep, try to work the same hours of sleep or try to find help from experts.

Wanita Belang: Make up to change the shape of the face

Wanita Belang: Make up to change the shape of the face the beauty of makeup is makeup can change your face shape.Make ups can not make facial fat to skinny but can make it look thinner.

Make up to change the shape of the face The correct application of the face and complexion lightening can deliver stunning results.To help you, we will provide some guidance in using makeup to change the shape of your face.

Make up to change the shape of the face The face is long: use a foundation with blackish on the forehead and chin by combining it with lightening your face on the other faces. Make up to change the shape of the face The face is round: use make-up is the opposite of the previous guide (long face).

Ears: the ears with the shades lengthen and shorten bright large ears with black shades to medium term.

Wanita Belang: Importance of Cleaning

Wanita Belang: Importance of Cleaning skin is a major requirement to make the skin look smoother, younger and healthier.If you do not clean the skin properly, you will not be able to have beautiful skin you crave.

Wanita Belang: Importance of Cleaning  need to cleanse your skin every morning and evening. Cleaning in the morning is useful to dispose of oil on the surface and clean the dead skin while we sleep.

But remember, too much cleaning is also not good and can cause more problems than solve them. At night time we need a more thorough cleaning. Wanita Belang: Importance of Cleaning need to clean the face of all the dirt that has menghinggap in your face during your move, and clean the face of all makeup that you use before you sleep.

When you sleep, your skin will improve yourself. if there is anything that inhibits the workings of this skin, there will be a skin problem.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wanita Idola: Beautify Nails

Wanita Idola: Beautify Nails To enhance women's nails are very careful and pay attention to exactly how to look beautiful and attractive, maybe they go kesalon beauty or something, but we will give you tips on how to memeprcantik your nails with a very easy and short.

Wanita Idola: Beautify Nails only need these ingredients: warm water, salt, cotton and marble powder, yes ...! let's try ..

Beautify Nails can soak your fingers into the epidermis warm and salt to taste, once is enough, about 5 to 10 minutes, after which dry your fingers until it is completely clean, then you can annotate your fingernails with marble powder,, gently rub your nails for a few minutes, repeat on your fingers the next, until the finish, well you can do twice a week nicsaya fingernails or your legs will look even more beautiful and looks shiny. Good luck

Wanita Idola: Lip Problems Solutions

Wanita Idola: Lip Problems Solutions beauty can not be separated from the lip charm. Lip movements during speech does not escape to the attention of the listener. 

Lip Problems SolutionsThat is why, lipstick is one makeup that is not forgotten. If you do not have much time to ornate, usually outward appearance remains disempatkan for granted lipstick on your lips. 

Lip Problems Solutions But, did you know that every day should be lived heavy duty your lips and there are many things that can destroy its beauty?

Wanita Idola: Fake fur Eye to Eye Makeup Perfect

Wanita Idola: Fake fur Eye to Eye Makeup Perfect Eye makeup to be the main thing in makeup. Not surprisingly, when the makeup, the eyes get a pretty important part and a part that requires a long enough time for makeup. 

Fake fur Eye to Eye Makeup Perfect One, that the eyes look different and more perfect eye makeup is to put false eyelashes. Applying the eye can make lashes look longer and thicker.  Wanita Idola: Fake fur Eye to Eye Makeup Perfect Only, put false eyelashes is not easy. For those of you who want to try to use false eyelashes, you can learn it.

Wanita Idola: Signs of Aging Can be Overcome

Wanita Idola: Signs of Aging Can be Overcome Each person would have wanted to keep him healthy and young. However, aging is a consequence of a person's age. Wanita Idaman: Signs of Aging Can be Overcome Various methods are used in order to stay looking youthful. 

Signs of Aging Can be Overcome Unfortunately because of lifestyle or lazy to do the treatment makes a person look older than actual age. 

Signs of Aging Can be Overcome Care is needed to address the various signs of aging that can damage the beauty.

Wanita Karir: Fruit masks to Stay Beautiful

Wanita Karir: Fruit masks to Stay Beautiful Than healthy fruits to be eaten, can also be useful in other ways. The content of nutrients andvitamins can be directly felt to make the skin beautiful. Wanita Karir: Fruit masks to Stay Beautiful With fruits that exist, you can create a mask of fruit that will make the face look bright and clean. In addition to natural, made ​​masks the fruit is very cheap, so the beauty treatments do not need to drain your pockets.What are the fruits that can be used and what benefits it generates?

Wanita Karir: Whitish Infection Recognize Pathological

Wanita Karir: Whitish Infection Recognize Pathological - Pathological vaginal discharge, an abnormal vaginal discharge that occurs due to infection of the vagina, vaginal foreign bodies or because of malignancy. Infection can be as a result of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and single-celled parasite Trichomonas vaginalis.Wanita Karir: Whitish Infection Recognize Pathological Can also be caused by irritation due to various reasons such as vaginal irritation due to cleaning agents, irritation during intercourse, tampon use, and contraception. Viral, bacterial, and single-celled parasite commonly found during sexual activity.

Wanita Karir: Whitish Infection Recognize Pathological This form of whitish to yellowish-green liquid, polynomial even get out of underwear, thick, sticky, or smells bad, feels very itchy or hot, and cause sores in the mouth area of the vagina. 

Wanita Karir: Whitish Infection Recognize Pathological Whitish to watch considering this type can be one indication of the symptoms of cervical cancer. Therefore, to look for the cause of pathological vaginal discharge and adequately treated early.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts

Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle can create a breast cyst. Breast cysts arefluid-filled sacs that are not harmful. This sac grows and larger in the mammary gland and surrounding tissue. When touched, breast cyst lump that feels as smooth and slippery, like a water balloon. Besides shaped lumps, cysts can also cause   thickening of the breasttissue.

Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts usually grow on both sides of the breast, which can change the size and density during your menstrual cycle. Breast cysts can be single or multiple (multiple), whichis near the surface or deeper, near the chest wall. If the cyst is closer to the surface, youmore easily find and distinguish from other lumps. But if more deep, you are more difficultto dibedakannya from other types of breast lumps, because hidden behind layers of breast tissue may be dense and hard.
Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts usually occur in women aged 30 to 50's, but most often found in womenapproaching menopause. Post-menopausal women are less likely to have this condition.

Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts require no treatment, but your doctor may recommend medical action toremove them. Doctors can perform fine-needle aspiration with a syringe. This proceduresuck fluid from the cyst so that makes it flat.

Wanita Karir: How to Overcome Nausea During Pregnancy

Wanita Karir: How to Overcome Nausea During Pregnancy Nausea and vomiting experienced by manypregnant women, even nausea are often suggested as an early sign of pregnancy.

Wanita Karir: How to Overcome Nausea During PregnancyComplaints of nausea and vomiting (morning sickness) generally occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, especially during her first pregnancy, and will disappear by itselfover into the second and third trimster.
Wanita Karir: How to Overcome Nausea During PregnancyAlthough considered a normal and natural, nausea during pregnancy can inhibit the activity, it can even create a maternal and fetal malnutrition. Because in many cases, expectant mothers feel nausea and vomiting at the smell of food, including rice.

Some ways you can do to treat nausea during pregnancy are among others:

1. Consumption of Balanced Nutrition
Choose foods that are high in carbohydrates and protein. Consumption of fruit andvegetables as well. Eat small but frequent meals. This is to prevent an empty stomach andmaintain stable blood sugar levels.

2. moving Slowly
Do not rush when you wake up in the morning, sit down first and slowly began to stand.

3. Avoid Triggers Nausea
Every pregnant woman has certain things that can trigger nausea, like perfume or strong-smelling foods.

4. consumption of Ginger
For traditional medicine, ginger is the right choice. Consumption of ginger according toyour taste, for example, created a drink or chewed directly.

As mentioned previously, the nausea during pregnancy is normal and will be a special experience when you are pregnant.
May be useful.