Monday, December 19, 2011

Wanita Kasian: Make Up For Your Wedding Day

Wanita Kasian: Make Up For Your Wedding Day more importantly you have the best performance on a given day than on another day, and no day is more important than your wedding day.

This is the only day (hopefully) where you are guaranteed to be the star of the show, this is the day where all your friends and family will see you at the same time.

This is the day that you commit to spending the rest of the time in your life with someone you love. Wanita Kasian: Make Up For Your Wedding Day must have the best appearance more than others, so to help you, we give some best tips for you to look beautiful on your pernikahakan ..

  • Long before the big day, you should perform skin and nail care. remember, takes beautiful, smooth skin and beautiful nails can not be produced in a day.
  • Avoid sunlight
  • Provide a lot of time in the morning before the wedding for makeup
  • If possible, do the experiment make up and hair styling one or two months earlier
  • Your very special wedding, so do not be afraid to use extreme makeup that is beyond the normal limit your makeup
  • As much as possible avoid the black lines around the eyes or lips
  • Make up the Classical use of the make-up which is the latest trend
  • Ask your mom to bring some makeup equipment, to anticipate the circumstances when you need to do make up amid your wedding.