Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts

Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle can create a breast cyst. Breast cysts arefluid-filled sacs that are not harmful. This sac grows and larger in the mammary gland and surrounding tissue. When touched, breast cyst lump that feels as smooth and slippery, like a water balloon. Besides shaped lumps, cysts can also cause   thickening of the breasttissue.

Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts usually grow on both sides of the breast, which can change the size and density during your menstrual cycle. Breast cysts can be single or multiple (multiple), whichis near the surface or deeper, near the chest wall. If the cyst is closer to the surface, youmore easily find and distinguish from other lumps. But if more deep, you are more difficultto dibedakannya from other types of breast lumps, because hidden behind layers of breast tissue may be dense and hard.
Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts usually occur in women aged 30 to 50's, but most often found in womenapproaching menopause. Post-menopausal women are less likely to have this condition.

Wanita Karir: Breast Cysts require no treatment, but your doctor may recommend medical action toremove them. Doctors can perform fine-needle aspiration with a syringe. This proceduresuck fluid from the cyst so that makes it flat.