Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wanita Cantik: Healthy Nail Care Tips

 Wanita Cantik: Healthy Nail Care Tips every human being wants to have healthy nails, especially for women. Not only that,Wanita Cantik: Healthy Nail Care Tips often want the nails to keep it beautiful and attractive. Nails are a tiny part of our body. Yet we must remain with painstaking care to stay healthy. Because nails including members of the body is very sensitive if you are remiss in maintaining it. For that followingnail care tips that you can do is not just a manicure at the salon but also in their own homes.

1.Starfruit wuluh
Nan fruit acids are also beneficial to your nails tablets, by the way baluri your nails with star fruit and rub until slightly dry.

2.Air salt
Soak your nails in salt water, for 15 minutes then wash with warm water, so the nails to avoid germs and bacteria.

3.Minyak olive
Massage between your fingers and nails, with olive oil, then your nails will be more humid,due to activity all day.

If you have brittle nails, it helps your nails basting frequently with the use of onion after thatwipe clean with warm towels. Undoubtedly your nails will be more solid and brilliant.

5.Jeruk juice
To eliminate dull the nails, soak nails in warm water mixed with lemon, and your nails will be more brilliant
Easy is not it? and you do not have to bother her to the salon to treat and beautify nails.


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